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piotrf: Exclusive Preview on iOS 5 (by iOSmagic) (Source:

The paperback Kindle. Don’t worry about touchscreens or color or even always available internet to download new books. Make a $49 Kindle. Not so hard… Read More »

GAP, Lascana, Yoox: Visuelle Shopping-Welten auf dem iPad “Im boomenden Markt für Tablet-PCs könnten sich visuelle Shopping-Welten zur Killeranwendung mausern, wie GAP ja bereits seit… Read More »

US journalist Jeff Jarvis reboxing his iPad. He does not see a need for it. It’s solving a problem that I don’t think exist. […]… Read More »

It’s Official: Cats Love iPads. I’m waiting for the first cat-specialized app… 😉(via Mashable) (Source:

josiahstaggs: DoritosCanada on Youtube put out this hilarious video titled “Doritos Tablet”. The one minute video pokes fun at Apple’s new ipad tablet, Parodying the… Read More »